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Plastering Services for Cumbria and The Borders

For all types of Plastering Services in Cumbria and the Borders, give Carl McDonald a call. CJM Plastering are your local plasterers based in Carlisle and serving clients within an hour's drive of our base.

We act as plastering contractors for builders of all sizes in our region and we are experienced working for both residential and commercial plastering projects from Annan to Hexham.

From the finest indoor finishing to the latest external insulation rendering - Call CJM Plastering today!

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CJM Plastering Services

Our small team is ready to handle all your plastering needs within a wide radius of Carlisle. We’ll dot and dab in Dumfries or layer your walls in Longtown. If the rain has left your ceiling hanging in Hexham – we’ll be there! We are as happy mixing a tub of skim plaster in Moffat as we are finishing off a dry lining project in Lancaster – just call us to find out how we can help you!

Insulated Render

CJM Plastering has gained wide experience of applying external insulating renders to old and new build in Cumbria. External wall insulation - often referred to as EWI rendering systems - gives home owners a brand new set of options for improving appearance and thermal efficiency of buildings as well as increasing the creative design options available to home owners and architects. It is a cost effective way of lowering a building's carbon footprint while giving a range of attractive finishes to building exteriors!

Plaster Skimming

Have you got a wall that just looks "scabby" after the wallpaper has been removed? Is your DIY stud wall in need of a professional finish? Is your plaster so old that it is no longer smooth enough for re-papering? Are your ceilings letting your decor down? CJM Plastering will skim plaster ceilings and damaged walls leaving a beautifully smooth finish for final decoration!

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Plaster Repair and Flood Restoration

Though plastering is a durable finish for walls it doesn't last forever and as we have seen in recent years weather, floods and increasing traffic vibration can all take their toll on your beautiful walls. CJM Plastering can undertake repairs to all kinds of plastered walls. We have successfully stabilised and sometimes replaced old lath and plaster finishes in Victorian and older buildings. Recent floods in Cumbria and elsewhere in the north have seen us stripping old wet and fouled plaster to allow walls to dry quicker and then re-plastering with more flood resistant finishes. From plaster crack repair to patching plaster walls after physical damage - we've got you covered!

Cement Rendering

Usually applied to external walls - but applicable to many internal walls in commercial and industrial settings; renders are usually two coats of sand and cement applied to stone, brick and block walls. We can apply renders that achieve a smooth easily cleaned surface or a specifically textured surface to meet your exact requirements.

We can also supply and install the full range of K-Rend silicone-based external rendering finishes.

Plaster Boarding Solutions for Internal Walls

CJM can provide plaster board coverings for all your block walls, internal party walls, stud walls and ceilings. Our clients have been pleased with the speed and efficiency of our service. We will fix the boards in any space to timber frames or dot and dab to solid walls followed by a professional skim finish to provide a cost effective fast solution for internal walls.

Float and Set Plastering

This is traditional plastering at its best. Our floating service includes a good thick coat of undercoat plaster, which will be either sand and cement or browning / bonding plaster depending on the building's particular circumstances. This is applied straight onto the brick or blockwork. The bonding coat takes out the irregularities of the underlying blocks and produces walls that are straight and plumb. While the bonding coat is still damp and half set a skim coat is spread over it to give the next decorator the perfect surface to work on. The advantage of this method is that it offers much better sound and thermal insulation than plasterboard techniques.

Other Related Plastering Services

Our diverse and expanding skill set enables us to offer builders and home owners in Carlisle, Cumbria and the Borders a wide range of additional plastering related services.

Coving Fitting: There is a wide range of coving available to enhance newer buildings and restore some of the older homes and premises to their former glory. From plasterboard coving to authentically styled Victorian Plaster Cornice, just call us with your requirements.

Artex Cover Ups: Dated Artex ceilings can be tamed with a variety of plaster board or float and skim techniques, depending on the area to be masked and how lumpy the original Artex texture is.

Damp Proofing: We work alongside damp proofing specialists to produce a perfect finish once the injection of the damp proof course into the wall is complete. The job is finished with a waterproof render and skimmed for a perfect internal finish!

CJM Plastering Carlisle and The Borders The CJM team is small, friendly, reliable and we are all fully qualified as tradesmen. We take pride in liaising with you to ensure you are always kept in the picture about progress. We are committed to delivering our plastering services safely, efficiently and sustainably, to give you the best possible service on every occasion.

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