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EWI - External Wall Insulation in Carlisle, Cumbria and the Borders

Insulated Render Systems

EWI External Wall Insulation

CJM Plastering offer the building industry in Cumbria and the Borders an attractive, energy-saving, insulated render solution for both new build, old stock housing and commercial premises. EWI insulation is a near perfect solution for improving both the energy efficiency and appearance of building frontages. It works brilliantly on the old council stock on Carlisle’s estates and on the new timber frame developments popping up in the Borders.

Working with the latest developments in external insulation render, our present crop of thermal render projects have proven successful at energy-saving in newly built: houses, commercial premises and redevelopments of older homes and premises. For anyone trying to keep family or staff warm in the fickle climate of Cumbria or Dumfries and Galloway – that’s a win all round!</>

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EWI Insulation Solutions For New Build

For architects and builders who need effective solutions to deliver improved internal comfort, reduced heating costs and a cost effective way to bring down the amount of CO2 emissions from a buildings, our insulated rendering solutions are a superb addition to the plasterer's craft that works in your favour!

The EWI insulation rendering techniques, available through us, give architects and builders scope for imaginative design, while still helping you to meet environmental and heritage criteria. Our rendering materials and techniques have been developed, tested and approved for "traditional" and modern construction techniques.

External insulation render is also capable of meeting today's stringent fire, energy, air-tightness, physical impact resistance, environmental impact and aesthetic requirements in even the most demanding project scenarios.

Thermal Renders used by CJM Plastering are usable on any kind of underlying surface, including single skin masonry, blockwork and even timber frame construction. Whether your development is in Carlisle’s miniature urban sprawl, a rural farmhouse on the Solway Plain, sheltered holiday accommodation in the Lake District or an exposed commercial unit on the edge of the Southern Uplands to the elements – CJM will have you covered and cosy!

External house insulation installers in Carlisle, Cumbria

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K-Rend External Rendering in Carlisle, Cumbria

K-Rend External Rendering

As a qualified K-Rend installer, we can offer you the best in external property rendering solutions, which are designed to provide a durable weather proof coating with a natural looking finish.

K-Rend has been available for over 28 years, and because of their committment to excellence, technical support and providing the highest quality external rendering products, we are proud to recommend and supply their full range.

K-Rend products include silicone-based water repellent technology, which is a fundamental part of the cement-based rendering system. This provides a high degree of water repellency to the rendered walls and surfaces which help ensure a freshly rendered appearance for many years as well as resulting in a drier and more algae-resistant finish.

Because K-Rend is a 'colour-through' solution, no painting is required, leaving you with a beautiful and long lasting finish to your home or property, with significantly reduced maintenance requirements compared with more traditional rendered and painted surfaces.

With a large range of natural looking colours and finishes, K-Rend is sure to offer you the right result for all property types.

Insulated Render Solutions for Improving Existing Buildings

There is a huge stock of older domestic, commercial and industrial buildings in Cumbria and the Borders which were built in the days of cheap energy: with no thought for insulation or environmental impact! Our current reality of increasing fuel bills, and the clear and present need to reduce heat and energy losses from buildings has made insulated render systems a cost effective solution for older buildings! The added benefit of reducing associated problems such as condensation and dampness are important associated wins for tenants and owners of all buildings.

EWI insulation solutions tackle these problems by applying insulated render to external walls; finishing the job with an easily maintained, variety of attractive finishes to complete a visual and eco friendly transformation!

Tests have shown that big improvements in energy efficiency can be achieved, with some fantastic savings on energy bills. In one series of tests by the Energy Savings Trust it was concluded that a fairly typical semi-detached home could potentially save over a quarter of its current fuel costs by application of an EWI insulation system.

CJM Plastering's innovative use of the latest insulated render technology enables a visual improvement as well as a huge environmental benefit. That's even before you check your next energy bill!

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